Gain Purpose, Clarity, and Awareness


You have decided that you need an advanced degree to move ahead in your field, but you don’t know where to go from here.

Advanced degrees take substantial time (anywhere from 2 to 10 years), and many adult students navigate a lot of personal and professional ups and downs over this period. Anyone who has completed a master's or doctoral degree as a working professional can tell you that this endeavor requires staggering investments of time, effort, and money as well as many, many sacrifices.

At Koepp Research Corporation, we value advanced degrees and their benefits, but believe it is critical to choose a program carefully given the substantial costs and sacrifices they require. Our Degree Selection Program guides you through a creative, appreciative, and interactive process of:

  • Understanding your passions and purposes for completing an advanced degree
  • Identifying the degree programs that best align with your goals and clarifying the value each program holds for you personally and professionally
  • Conducting a frank assessment of your knowledge, skills, and abilities as they compare to what you need to complete the degree successfully
  • Creating a compelling graduate school application

Once you are enrolled, see how we support working professionals in graduate school for details on how we can continue to aid your progress!


Schedule a coaching session or initial consultation now to discuss your specific needs and investigate how formal education may help you build thought leadership.


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Case: Changing Lanes

Sean was a successful IT professional and held a high-level technical role. However, he wanted to move into management and believed that pursuing a PhD was the credential he needed to achieve his goal. We discussed his background, his future goals, and probed his interests. We identified a short list of potential programs and carefully evaluated them together. He selected a program and we helped him create a solid application as well as a support plan to enhance his success. He worked with us throughout his degree, earned his PhD in 4 years, and made the career shift he intended.

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Case: Rocking the Application

Janine contacted us to review her application for a prestigious PhD program. After reviewing her application and discussing her background and goals with her, we quickly realized she had a very compelling personal story that was not fully leveraged in her application. We helped her rework her personal essay and resume, and edited her entire application package. We were happy to learn that she was accepted to the program.