Work Smarter. Learn More. Take Less Time.


You made the decision to go back to school, found a program, and got accepted. Now what?

If you're like many working professionals, you may have already discovered that completing your degree while juggling a busy personal and professional life is not easy. Your academic skills may be rusty, and you might need skills you didn't even pick up on your last trip to the ivory tower.

Sometimes, the challenges may seem like more than you have bandwidth for. Most graduate students contemplate quitting once, twice, or many times, and 50-70% of PhD students actually do quit. Although the percentage of students who complete master's degrees is higher, still too many complete the coursework but not the thesis or capstone project, thus walking away without the degree.

At Koepp Research Corporation, we help you work smarter, learn more, and take less time, so you can move on to achieve the goals that motivated you to pursue the degree in the first place.

Based on your needs, preferences, and deadlines, we design a customized support program that will help you optimize your learning and progress. We offer proprietary tools and processes for completing coursework, candidacy requirements, theses, and dissertations.

Rather than acting as a paper mill, we combine our innovative techniques and structures with deep listening, expert inquiry, and world-class editing to help you draw out your unique insights and turn these into coursework and deliverables that reflect your unique scholarship. The result is that you complete your degree with more enjoyment, deeper learning, and better quality—all in astoundingly less time than you ever thought possible.

Schedule a coaching session or initial consultation now to discuss your specific needs and explore how we can help expedite your progress and improve your results.

Also be sure to check our boot camps (limited spots available)!

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Case: High potential, low bandwidth

JoAnn, a high potential employee, had a demanding job, a master's thesis to finish, and little time to make it all happen. Jackie attended our unparalleled research boot camp where she immersed in learning the research process and completed her thesis over a brief series of 4-day workshops. She finished her thesis and degree on time and achieved insights valuable for herself and her firm.

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Case: Happily engaged

Curtis was retired and enrolled in a doctoral program, which gave him ample time to immerse in the learning process. However, he found that he needed some additional guidance and feedback when it came to learning how to conduct research. Through our coaching calls and editing support, Curtis learned how to create a dissertation and produced research he was truly proud of.