Get Mileage Out of the Work You've Already Completed


You have spent countless hours and made innumerable sacrifices to complete your advanced degree. You have pages and pages of written work, including a capstone project, thesis, or dissertation that you know you could do something with—but what?

Without focused attention, careful strategy, and deliberate effort, it is likely that your energy and focus will be consumed by all the things you've been neglecting while finishing your degree. More often than not, no matter how eloquent and valuable, completed graduate work tends to remain on the shelf.

At Koepp Research Corporation, we appreciate the hard work it took to complete your degree and believe you should get as much mileage from it as possible.

Our approaches feature creative and interactive strategies for:

  • Discovering what you are passionate about and defining the vision for your thought leadership
  • Reviewing the work you have already completed to determine what can be repurposed
  • Creating a thought leadership strategy and plan for achieving it

Individual strategies are as unique as you are, but may include coaching, editing, ghostwriting, and other support to bring your work to market.


Schedule a coaching session or initial consultation now to discuss how we can help you turn your completed work into thought leadership.

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Case: Career Launch

Doreen had just finished her master’s thesis and was curious what she could do with it. We discussed her career goals and then examined her thesis. We outlined a strategy of publishing, speaking, and continued research to allow her to move strongly into her future. We helped her produce the various pieces through a combination of ghostwriting and collaboration.

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Case: Paving the Way for Change

Joe had a successful therapeutic practice but had just finished his dissertation on a new topic that reflected an intended change in his career. We worked with him to define a strategy for his shifting focus and then created and published articles based on his dissertation to support this strategy.