Create and Launch New Business Opportunities


When you actively build thought leadership through research, speaking, and writing, you are likely to discover new business opportunities.

But without someone to help validate, structure, and transform your insights into feasible offerings, it is all too easy for the ideas get lost. Before you know it, months or years pass. You may even discover that someone else has launched your idea or the market has moved on.

At Koepp Research Corporation, we want to help you launch your ideas in the way that only you can. We also have an innovative approach for getting you on your way.

Our Business Boot Camp Program provides you with the structure and support to rapidly clarify, test, and launch your new business opportunities. Our program features a combination of traditional, creative, and interactive approaches for:

  • Defining the vision for your business idea
  • Creating a road map for delivering on your vision
  • Connecting you to needed resources for continued business development

We also offer additional coaching and support to assist you through the critical initial phases of launching your business offering.

Schedule a coaching session or initial consultation now to discuss your specific needs and explore how we can help you launch your ideas.



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Case: Coaching the Coach

Tanya was a relatively successful but personally unfulfilled project manager. Based on her experiences in her master's program, she recognized some compelling needs in the market and felt excited to meet those within the realm of executive coaching. We discussed and clarified her interests and supported her through the process of designing and launching her coaching practice.