Find a Career That Uniquely Suits You


When you conduct original research, formulate new insights, and communicate these through speaking and writing, you are likely to discover new ways to reinvent yourself and your career.

But without someone to validate your hunches and help you structure and transform your insights, life typically takes over and your ideas are abandoned for years, if not forever.

Our Career Shift Program features creative and appreciative approaches for:

  • Reviewing your career path up to this point
  • Envisioning and designing a career uniquely for you
  • Carrying out an experiential, reflective approach for shifting from your current to your ideal path

Schedule a coaching session or initial consultation now to discuss your specific needs and explore how we can help you reinvent your career.



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Case: Finding the Right Career Path

Doug was halfway through his doctoral program when he realized he didn't like the field. He dropped out, only to feel increasingly hopeless as he wondered what to do now. Using our approach, we helped him discover his unique passions; identify and vet personally energizing career options; conduct short-term, low-risk career experiments; and design a multifaceted strategy for getting his professional life on track.