Share Knowledge, Build Your Brand


In recent years, more and more businesses have begun sharing their knowledge as a way to demonstrate their expertise and build customer relationships. Central to these efforts is providing relevant content and insights that help others. Brands are enhanced and thought leaders are made by building a track record of freely offered, useful insights distributed across multiple media channels.

Specific tactics companies use to build thought leadership include blogging, videos, white papers, slide shares, research, social media campaigns, customer education programs, and more. Across these tactics, the focus is on developing compelling content and making it widely available.

At Koepp Research Corporation, we begin by zeroing in on your company’s current distinctive competencies, needs, and future goals, and then design a powerful thought leadership strategy around these. We can adopt a variety of roles to execute the strategy: We may carry out only a few tasks; we may mentor you or your staff so you can cultivate needed research, writing, and marketing skills in house; or we may conduct the entire writing, research, and marketing effort for you.

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Case: Books and Blogging

Candace, a money manager, contacted us for help with writing and editing her books. We carried out a variety of roles, including editing, proofreading, and writing passages as needed. In cases where we wrote for her, we began by reviewing the intent, style, topics, and content to cover. She also contracted us to write short biweekly blogs inspired by her books, freeing her to focus on her clients.

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Case: White Papers

George, founder of a professional services firm, practices a discipline of lifelong learning. He is intent on growing his offerings using what he has learned and sharing his emerging insights with clients and colleagues. We discussed his thought leadership goals, designed a supporting strategy, captured his ideas through brief interviews, and wrote white papers that he shared with clients and his community.