Take Things Up a Few Notches


Thought Leadership is about communicating valuable, innovative insights; but you cannot do it effectively without solid research, writing, and presentation skills. Despite your extensive experience and knowledge, if you are like many professionals, you may need to refine your professional toolkit to continue advancing in your career.

At Koepp Research Corporation, we offer a wide range of individualized coaching and group courses to help you develop skills such as:

  • Communicating effectively and professionally
  • Editing for clarity and impact
  • Speaking and presenting
  • Designing and executing original research
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Writing compelling reports

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Case: Improving Writing and Presentation Skills

John, a senior-level professional at a large multinational company, was rapidly growing in his responsibilities. However, he needed to improve his skills to keep in step with his career advancement.

We talked with John and his manager and identified John's skill development needs. We conducted two 12-week courses with him. Each course included instruction, practical exercises to use in his daily work, and practicum sessions where he honed his skills with our real-time mentoring and coaching.

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Case: Developing Research Skills

Sarah, an individual contributor within a large nonprofit organization, was conducting internal research regarding field staff job satisfaction. She needed help analyzing the interview data she had gathered. We taught Sarah powerful techniques for analyzing the data, interpreting her findings, and composing novel recommendations.

Create articles, books, research, and more


You have solid experience, a passion for your work, and a desire to get your ideas out there.

At Koepp Research Corporation, we act as your strategists, researchers, ghostwriters, editors, and marketers. We begin by clarifying what you are uniquely passionate about and defining the vision for your thought leadership. Next, we create a cohesive strategy and plan for achieving it. Individual strategies are as unique as you are, but may include:

  • Helping you cultivate specific writing, research, or presentation skills
  • Completing what we like to call a PhD-alternative program, where you develop your knowledge, build skills, and gain valuable research, writing, publication, and presentation experiences--as you might in a formal degree program
  • Acting as your editors, ghostwriters, and marketers

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Also be sure to check our boot camps (limited spots available)!



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Case: Creating New Focus

Chuck wanted to focus his personal brand around specific research interests he had recently developed. We discussed what Chuck hoped to achieve and outlined a strategy. We then produced a theoretical model and several articles, which were published in four professional and scholarly journals and which he presented at an international management conference.

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Case: Provide Insights and Hope

Denise had a successful therapeutic practice and wanted to write a book to offer insights and hope to a broader audience struggling with the issues she treats. Using an innovative approach of in-depth interviewing, ghostwriting, and editing, she was able to focus on her practice while we rapidly created her book manuscript.

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Case: Offer New Models

Simon, a highly experienced professional and academic, had several innovative models to offer regarding a burgeoning sub-specialty in his field. He was eager to document his thoughts and findings for consideration by the larger community of scholars and practitioners. We discussed his ideas and provided outlines for several articles. Simon populated the article outlines with his thoughts, notes, and theories. We then heavily edited his work to reflect his writing style while satisfying the publication requirements of the journals where his articles were published.


Find a Career That Uniquely Suits You


When you conduct original research, formulate new insights, and communicate these through speaking and writing, you are likely to discover new ways to reinvent yourself and your career.

But without someone to validate your hunches and help you structure and transform your insights, life typically takes over and your ideas are abandoned for years, if not forever.

Our Career Shift Program features creative and appreciative approaches for:

  • Reviewing your career path up to this point
  • Envisioning and designing a career uniquely for you
  • Carrying out an experiential, reflective approach for shifting from your current to your ideal path

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Case: Finding the Right Career Path

Doug was halfway through his doctoral program when he realized he didn't like the field. He dropped out, only to feel increasingly hopeless as he wondered what to do now. Using our approach, we helped him discover his unique passions; identify and vet personally energizing career options; conduct short-term, low-risk career experiments; and design a multifaceted strategy for getting his professional life on track.

Create and Launch New Business Opportunities


When you actively build thought leadership through research, speaking, and writing, you are likely to discover new business opportunities.

But without someone to help validate, structure, and transform your insights into feasible offerings, it is all too easy for the ideas get lost. Before you know it, months or years pass. You may even discover that someone else has launched your idea or the market has moved on.

At Koepp Research Corporation, we want to help you launch your ideas in the way that only you can. We also have an innovative approach for getting you on your way.

Our Business Boot Camp Program provides you with the structure and support to rapidly clarify, test, and launch your new business opportunities. Our program features a combination of traditional, creative, and interactive approaches for:

  • Defining the vision for your business idea
  • Creating a road map for delivering on your vision
  • Connecting you to needed resources for continued business development

We also offer additional coaching and support to assist you through the critical initial phases of launching your business offering.

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Case: Coaching the Coach

Tanya was a relatively successful but personally unfulfilled project manager. Based on her experiences in her master's program, she recognized some compelling needs in the market and felt excited to meet those within the realm of executive coaching. We discussed and clarified her interests and supported her through the process of designing and launching her coaching practice.